One Day Hike At Mount Kenya –Trip From Nairobi


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Mt. Kenya with its 5199 meters at the highest peak (it has three) is the second-highest mountain in Africa, surpassed only by the famous Kilimanjaro. It overlooks the UNESCO World Heritage National Park of the same name. The mountain and the park are one of the most important sources of water in Kenya. The rivers, streams, and other waterways attract countless bird species and other wildlife, varying depending on landscape and altitude.

A dramatic view of the jagged, glacier- and snow-covered slopes heralds a challenging climb up the mountain. Definitely not something that is achievable in one day. No, the climbs for true hikers take at least two full days, but you can also enjoy this fast-changing landscape for several days.

This hike, though, is intended for anyone who wants to stretch their legs and experience this volcanic mountain up close - from its grassy plains to the alpine peaks and breathtaking views - but does not necessarily want to summit. And it’s done in a day.



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